Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Offer on Vehicle LED light kit

Whether you have a bike or car, lighting components of your vehicle play a vital role. It keeps you away from the accident and gives brightness at night. Both interior and exterior, your vehicle will look more fantastic with the sparkling LED lights. In the dark the parts of the vehicle will glitter resulting a superb appearance from a distance. Let it be your car. If you want to give a cool look to your car, you can have under-glow and interior kit that brings perfect brightness and a stylish look. As Christmas is on Dec 25, most of the retailers including online shops are active with spectacular offers. Grab these discount offers and enjoy the festive season.

If you want to improve your car's look, you need to consider some factors that help in beautifying both interior and exterior portion. A matching color should be chosen for the car. However, with the development in technology, a number of advanced features have developed. From your iPhone or through any smart phone that is operated by Android App, can be used for controlling the LED lights in your vehicle. You can control dream colors, with your WiFi phone. You can also control the complete lighting kit through a remote control. Regarding color selection, multi-color option is also available. You can change any color through a single touch on the screen of your Phone. Flexible color changing strips and theme modes available with the kits. You can also select the waterproof DLR lamp. Besides there are wide varieties of control modules and installation accessories available to compliment these light kits.

Your own custom car makes you feel special and it changes the complete look at night with LED modifications. The lights are also available in single and multi color options like blue, green, orange, red and more.

However, if you really want to buy the LED lights, this is the perfect time to catch the festive offers.
You have to keep your eyes open while going for these lights and if you have any query regarding quality, price and offers, you can visit Xkglow.com.

Monday, December 2, 2013

How to Take Advantage of The Cyber Monday Sale

Normally the Monday followed by the Thanksgiving day is termed as Cyber Monday. And, most of the people love to shop over marked down prices. The sole reason is rush during sale season. Most of the online stores offer great deals well in advance to get a handy business. If you are really a shopping enthusiast, then you can come up with a proper planning and a shopping list that is well designed and cost effective. You can find online retail stores like Amazon, Walmart, Xkglow and a few other sites that give equal chance for getting never-seen-before price and discount.

Among other categories some of you may be thinking about purchasing home decor LED lights, vehicle lights, car under glow LED and many more products that are needed for decorating your special occasions. Besides, a full range of products are also there like boat accent light, strobe light, work light, etc. that comes under discount segment. You can also shop the whole store and can select your desired products according to the price and quality. Below you can follow some tips that help in making your shopping pleasurable.
  • Keeping a shopping list is better and helpful for completing your shopping task.
  • If you are going to buy products like LED lights, you should check the complete selections.
  • You can get a list of discounted items with eCoupons available.
  • You should compare the price to avail best prices and benefits.
  • You Should look for an authentic website that delivers quality products with a wide variety.

Hope the above guidelines will be effective for you. If you are focusing on LED light kits, there are a number of products available with advanced features like, LEDs with iPhone,  Android app control and remote control. Similarly a variety of colors are also available that is best for your home interior. In this way you can choose a variety of LED lights to cater your daily needs. It's a great idea to give a smart glow to your home and vehicle.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Grab the Amazing LED Deals On This Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving day sale
Thanksgiving day sale
Now it is the time to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. And we are ready to pursue our dreams with a huge shopping and with some special one. I can feel that some of you are planning for great Christmas gifts. Possibly with a special deal to save some money. Regarding celebrations, the first idea comes to mind with lights. We all love to decorate, it may be your vehicle! But how?

Retailers are now moving to Thanksgiving day sale early this year. Just take the advantage of this special eve. You can look at the deals on LED lights. These are the best option to decorate your vehicle. If you are shopping on-line, most of the sites offering warm discounts on these lights. The lights can be bought in divergent designs like, under body light kit, work light series, different LED systems with iPhone control, off road LED lights and a lot more. The complete series are perfectly designed with the inter connectible option and compact color changing pods.

I would like to introduce “Xkglow” on this Thanksgiving Day celebration. A lot of discounts are going on-line with 10% off on 4*4 off road LED lights and also with smart phone controlled kits. Grab the eCoupon for both of the items. This is available as Approck for smart phone controlled kits and  4*4 Event for off road work lights. The lights are also controlled by Android Application on your phone. With the advanced technology in LED, you can enjoy brilliant lights along vibrant colors when designing your vehicle.

However, some individuals will likely wait for the deadline to get amazing discounts. But waiting for the last minute rush is not a wise decision. Thanksgiving day sale has already released and will stay up to Nov 28. Hurry UP!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Spruce Up Your Space With Home And Commercial Lighting

Most of us want to bring a twist in our own place to spruce up the area. And adding character to any space entirely depends upon the creativity of the person. Some creative additions take longer time to accomplish whereas others are quick and easy.

It is always not necessary to add larger factors to bring an edge in your décor whereas a smallest additions or tweaks can make the biggest impact aesthetically. And unique bright lighting accents are just one of them.

Lights make everything in your space look better!

External light installations are on the rise, creating stunning effects when installed in specific areas to highlight beautiful decorative elements.

How they can make a difference in your space?

Commercial lighting is used to illuminate commercial buildings, structures, and places. These can be easily installed anywhere and lend an aesthetic look to the settings by properly illuminating the places and creating the desired impact on the visitors. Colors used in them hold great significance that contributes greatly in enticing customers and enhancing the shopping and work spirits of people.

Whereas our residential lighting is used to illuminate different areas of the home and it sets the mood during family and other social gatherings. Also, this is the better way to make your home look more inviting to the potential buyers.

What types of Lights work best for specific areas of your home or commercial building?

LED lights are just a subtle and unique way to dress your living area and commercial space while adding value to your property. These options are best for creating the perfect indoor lighting atmosphere by using one’s imagination.

These lighting accents are available for both homes and commercial spaces. For those who are not familiar with these light options, XKGlow is introducing an array of aesthetic home and commercial lighting options.

What specification and features they have?

Coming to the features and specifications they are having, these premium commercial and residential LED lighting series offers:
  • Attractive lighting along with cool control app.

  • Built with number of RGB LEDs to ensure a stunning lighting makeover.

  • Ultimate slimness and flexibility enable you to hide it anywhere.

  • Get a real-time beat analysis through the smart device

  • Play songs in iTunes and sync the ambient of the room.

  • Transform the room instantly by touching any spot on the palette.

  • Simple and unique preset lighting effects for special days.

  • Get creative with default apps.

  • Operate them by simply pressing the on-board mode button
  • Enjoy the 2nd generation two zone design in control panel.

Thus, no matter where you want to add some curl, our LED lights are capable enough to make your place more appealing.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Choose Proper LED Lighting To Make Your Boat Shine Like A Pearl

You can't move your head while in front of a galaxy of lights. Colorful lighting always add cheers to the night life. LED lights provide versatility for a number of projects while offering some eye-catching views. These lights are more than worth considering for personal or professional use. LED Lighting has become more popular in the field of motorcycling, automotive, marine and recreation. Revolutionary iOS and Android WiFi app control LED equipments in a wide variety of navigational lighting systems for boats are available in the market.

Every boater want to make their boat look descent as compared to other counterparts. LEDs have come a long way over the years with some fabulous designs to attract more and more boaters to realize it's benefits. It is adequately simple since most of the manufacturers offer LED designs on board with the option to have them added or include them as classic equipment. These are with music sync and holiday theme modes attract lots of visitors to spend some time on boats. You can select any color on your phone and it will appear as per your selection. As compared to the traditional bulbs these are more durable and don't produce the same amount of heat, that leads to the longevity of the product. Most relevant lighting can be ordered in LED configuration with less effort from the boater. Upgrading to LEDs is indeed a wise choice for the Boat Accent Light, as these are more reliable and user-friendly.

Switching from older boats to LED lighting looks easier and smoother with the evolving new technologies. Built with waterproof 1/8 inch thin LED tube, the light units guarantee a hassle-free installation for various mounting needs on your boat. Unique and largest variety of LED accent products with catalogs and reliable warranty fetch the attention of the boaters. But choosing the cheapest LEDs without understanding the setbacks associated with it can create a lot of problem. Boaters need to understand that when it comes to LEDs, they need to get what they are investing for.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Add Sparkles To Your Motorcycle With Accent Lights

Almost everyone in the world loves to own a vehicle. And having a private transportation facility is like a dream come true. In spite of the increasing crowd of privately owned vehicles,  it's considered as a status symbol. Individuals invest their major part of the earnings on purchasing and maintaining the personal automotive belongings.

Among the various transportation modes, motorbike is a mean that still has its unique and strong essence. People love to ride a bike that thrills them while keeping their fashion sense on high priority. And this is getting popular day by day as it's an affordable, fashionable option for communication without compromising with comfort and personal preference.

And if you are a fashion freak who loves to keep up with the latest fashion trends then I'm sure you would love to know about the simple add on of Motorcycle Accent Lights to transform the looks of the motorcycle. The wide variety of solid and multi-color LED light kits available feature attractive ighting options that will add a custom look and additional safety feature to the bike.

XkGlow, one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of LED lights offers ultra bright LEDs that provide a distinct look to any make and model of motorbikes. With the LED kit, you will get a hassle free installation. As well as top grade RGB LEDs provide ultra bright and seamless blending light effect. Also we are the pioneers in the lighting industry that offers Real-time beat analysis through the smart devices like Android phone/I phone. This enables the rider to play songs in iTunes and sync the LED’s.  In fact, you can turn the look of your bike with a single touch on the color palette.  Additionally, get some simple and unique preset lighting effects for that special day. Even if there is no smart device connected to the controller, these can be operated by simply pressing the on-board mode button.

Bring on the new look of your bike with the most adaptable, top class and practical LED Lighting and enjoy the all new makeover if it. So, get ready to show off your style sense and lifestyle.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Swap conventional lights with the Smartphone Controlled LED Lights

To those who love to stay updated with the latest technologies in every aspect, LED light brings an opportunity to swap your conventional light sources with wireless control lights. These seem to be the future of every light setting. Each LED is a small chip, an exclusive product of the same manufacturing process that initiated the digital revolution. And, having these LED lights in your vehicle is like using a computer in your masterpiece.

Thanks to the technological upgradation, now you can control the LEDs through your Iphone/Smartphone/Android phone. Along with that, these lights have a huge number of things in their favor such as:

Smart Control: With the WiFi control box and smart app, touch any spot on the palette to transform your vehicle the same color instantly. In addition, as your finger moves across the screen,  the lights react accordingly, that offers a smooth transition effects from one color to the another.  Also, you can create the perfect light match for your vehicle.         

Better replacement of incandescent lights: LEDs are considered far more reliable and durable than other conventional lighting option. Having advanced technological features these are highly efficient and eco-friendly.

Worth mentioning swap: Being tech savvy, you can simply swap your existing lights with the new-generation wireless control LEDs. The WiFi control box and the free apps will amaze you with the variation in their deliverables.

Fun option: With the Real-time beat analysis features, now you can control the LEDs through smart devices. This will help you to pamper your senses with some exclusive features like you can play songs in iTunes and sync the LED’s. As well as you can choose the Mic Mode and your device will sync to the surrounding voice.    

Combo Box: Additionally, these have several other features like simple and unique preset lighting effects for any special occasion, more than 15 pre-programmed holiday themes, adjustable color changing speed, Preloaded light programs of over 20 vivid colors, 4 patterns, and 15 multi-color, custom section feature to build your own signature themes, etc.

Opt for high quality, efficient, crisp and clear Smartphone controlled LED lights from industry leaders like Xkglow, with complete WiFi control through the smart phones and switch to a brilliant lifestyle.